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Business Meeting

QUBE Case competition

Join us on March 2nd and 3rd for the Qube Case Competition.

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The Business Finance Association is proud to present the Qube Investment Management Case Competition. Teams will create a valuation and pitch to a panel of judges from Qube's portfolio management team.


This event provides student with mentorship/teaching from Portfolio Management experts in creating thoughtful, insightful, and accurate valuations of equities in the market


finance tutoring

The University of Alberta Business Finance Association will be providing Finance 301 tutoring for University of Alberta students.




Mock market


The annual Mock Market trading competition is an annual event that brings individual students to participate in a unique simulated mock market. Throughout the challenge, student's will construct and build the ultimate portfolio with up to $100,000 of virtual currency on Investopedia's trading platform. The top three portfolio's with the highest returns at the end of the trading period will be awarded cash prizes.

Networking NIght


Our networking night will allow students to gain more knowledge about pursuing a CFA designation and introduce various potential careers students can take within Finance and Accounting. A speaker panel will be present to share their experiences within the industry followed by a Q&A and networking session. 

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