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Joining the BFA will be the best investment you can make in your year in the Alberta School of Business! For a small payment of $10, the membership will cover:
Membership means you get exclusive access to our newsletters, free entry to all of our events, and access to Fin 301 tutors
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It's easy to join! Just follow these three steps:

1. Pay $10.61 online here, via PayPal (the $0.61 covers cost              of PayPal use)
2. Once you've paid, email us for a confirmation of your BFA membership!
3. Due to COVID, we will not be giving away physical membership cards this year. However, once you've gotten a confirmation, that means we have added your name to our member list which will give you access to the membership benefits
Free entry to the Mock Market Challenge. The top 3 portfolio earners recieve cash prizes
Free entry to all BFA hosted events. Entry for each event costs $10 for non-members