BFA Membership

Joining the BFA will be the best investment you can make in your year in the Alberta School of Business! For a small payment of $10, the membership will cover:
Membership Card
Includes discounts to food and stores around campus and downtown. The 2018-2019 Membership Card includes The Pint, Beercade, Dewey's and more
Access to our tutoring service
BFA Mail
Monthly newsletters include exclusive invites to corporate events, job opportunities, and educational resources.

It's easy to join! Just follow these three steps:

1. Fill out the form here
2. Pay the membership fee. There are two options:
       1. Pay $10.00 cash at the office or clubs fair
       2. Pay $10.61 online here, via PayPal (the $0.61 covers cost              of PayPal use)
3. Pick up your membership card at our office. This will         guarantee free entry into all BFA events, plus it offers great discounts to restaurants and stores.
Free entry to the Mock Market Challenge. The top 3 portfolio earners recieve cash prizes
Mock Market
Free Events
Free entry to all BFA hosted events. Entry for each event costs $10 for non-members
Fin 301 Tutoring

Business Finance Association


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