2018 Recruitment

BFA 2018/2019 Executive Team Openings and Responsibilities:


VP External

  • Maintain all external relationships with University of Alberta, and industry professionals

  • Seek corporate sponsorship

  • Organize company and speaker recruitment

  • Maintain ties with BFA alumni


External Director

  • Assist External VP in drafting sponsorship package

  • Identify parties to contact for sponsorship

  • Assist External VP in maintaining contact with sponsors


VP Academic

  • Recruit and interview tutors for FIN 301

  • Host and organize the BFA case competition 

  • Act as the main point of contact with faculty members


Academic Director

  • Assist VP academic with all responsibilities as listed above 

  • Ensure there is no conflict between tutors and students 


Social Media Director

  • Aid VP Internal with all responsibilities

  • Maintain and grow all BFA social media accounts 

  • Responsible for ensuring the promotion and awareness of all events for the 2018/2019 school year

Internal Director

  • Aid VP Internal with all responsibilities 

  • Develop all posters and promotional materials for the 2018/2019 school year with the VP Internal 

  • Maintain the BFA website and mailing list 


Events Director

  • Aid VP Events with all responsibilities 

  • Establish logistics for every BFA event except for the case competition 

  • Ensure reservations are made for all BFA events 

This Thursday, March 15th from 5:30 to 6:20 pm in BUS 3-10 we will be hosting an information session for recruitment of the new executive team.

We will be accepting applications until Friday, March 23rd at 11:59pm. To apply, simply follow this link: https://goo.gl/forms/cOAY9Ern8Ugsqqef1 and submit a letter of intent (specifying the top 2 positions you are interested in), and a copy of your resume. Thank you and good luck with your application!