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2022 Director Recruitment

BFA 2022/2023 Executive Team Openings and Responsibilities:

External Director 

  • Assist External VP in drafting sponsorship package

  • Identify parties to contact for sponsorship

  • Assist External VP in maintaining contact with sponsors


Academic Director 

  • Assist VP academic with all responsibilities as listed above 

  • Ensure there is no conflict between tutors and students 

Internal Director 

  • Aid VP Internal with all responsibilities 

  • Develop all posters and promotional materials for the 2022/2023 school year with the VP Internal 

  • Maintain the BFA website, mailing list, and social media accounts 


Events Director 

  • Aid VP Events with all responsibilities 

  • Establish logistics for every BFA event except for the case competition 

  • Ensure reservations are made for all BFA events 

Finance Director 

  • Aid VP Finance with all responsibilities

  • Manage the financial account of the club

  • Assist in writing the biweekly newsletter for members

Applications will be open from Thursday, September 15th to Friday, September 30th.


To apply, simply follow this link: Thank you and good luck with your application! 

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